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The book CIO Leading Change is for those CIOs (and aspiring CIOs), who want to make a big difference in the organizations they work for. It is a holistic perspective on what is required to create a meaningful change. The book is intended to serve as a BIG first step towards becoming a true catalyst of change and transformation.

The three pillars of change, as highlighted in the book, need equal attention for creating a visible impact – Becoming Self and Socially Aware, Conducting Organizational Assessment. and Creating Change Generative Conversations and Influencing those in Power.

Contemporary CIOs’  roles is not easy, it is the most complex CXO role ever seen, primarily because it deals with a complex interplay of men and machines. Both men and machines can be very complex, their interactional complexity is anybody’s guess. The CIOs need to master newer competencies to cope with their new role demands.

The book CIO Leading Change contains the CIO Leadership Roles and Competencies Inventory (CIO LRCI) Framework and the related instruments. The framework is built through my rigorous doctoral work at MDI and is based upon 24 CIO Role Activities and 24 related Role Competencies. A CIO can self assess oneself on this framework and identify which competencies need further development.

CIOs can choose to come to CIO Leadership Workshops to get a deep dive into their current state and the vast potential within them.

The book is be available at Flipkart and Meripustak.