CIO Leadership Role Workshop – Go beyond the stated!

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Digital is the new foundation of business. And the CIO must lead.

CIO has a big opportunity to lead the business in the digital age. But for doing that, the CIO may need to embark upon a journey of self development. Being bogged down with day to day technology issues is not going to allow her to grab the career defining opportunity.

A good start is always half the battle won.

Start your success journey with our half-day CIO Leadership Role Workshop, which can catalyze your career upwards. The workshop shall provide valuable tailor made inputs for your personal development and career growth towards leading the business with digital.

Role Workshop is based upon the CIO Roles and Competencies Inventory (CIO LRCI) Framework and Instrument. The workshop is designed to kick start the process of self development, where you take the responsibility of personal growth in your own hands.

At the end of the workshop, you shall obtain insights about your current style of functioning, focus and priorities, value orientation, social manifestations, and competencies to focus upon.

CIO Leading Change_cover 2_rev3.inddIt shall help you spell your life dream clearly and lucidly and chalk out a personal growth program to fulfill the same.

The instrument has emanated directly from the doctoral work by Dr. Kapil Dev Singh at MDI, Gurgaon, who shall personally take the workshop. It shall be co-facilitated by Mr. Koushik Chatterjee, a certified leadership development coach of high repute.

The workshop shall be created in a very comforting and positive environment for enhanced learning.

About CIO LRCI Framework

CIO LRCI Framework delineates 4 Role Domains, 8 Roles, 24 Role Activities and 24 Competencies specific to a CIO’s role. The Framework shall help you map your current role onto it and identify the competencies that you need. The self assessment is done in reference to the organizational context in which you are operating.

CIO LRCI is based upon a role matrix with four role quadrants- CIO as People Manager, CIO as Operations Manager, CIO as Business Manager and CIO as a Change Leader. More often than not, the CIO focuses on one or two of these competing role domains, thus compromising on the other role domains. And mostly it is the people and operations management which get more focus at the cost of business and change leadership.  With time they get into the groove of comfort and loses the alignment with the fast changing business context. An awareness of this phenomenon is a starting point of any meaningful and relevant development.

It shall help you become aware of the areas of development of specific competencies, which is akin to embarking upon a journey of self development and ensuring success. This self assessment can be very valuable in guiding your energies towards the right learning initiatives and developing yourself as a future business leader.

Workshop Content

The half-day Workshop includes the CIO LRCI Instrument, self assessment exercises, and group activities.

You shall also avail an hour of 1 on 1 mentoring/ coaching sessions for better assimilation (not on the same day). The mentors shall also help you chalk out a Customized Development Plan in line with your personal needs.

Workshop Details

Target : The workshop is meant for those CIOs who are willing to expand their career faster or are new in the CIO role or are aspiring to become a CIO in the next couple of years.

Date- March 3, 2017 (9:30 AM to 1:00 PM followed by Lunch)

Venue- The Westin, Gurgaon (tentative)

Fees- Rs. 3900/- per person (inclusive of all the applicable taxes).  The fees is meant for covering the cost of organizing the workshop only.

You shall also get one complimentary session of one on one mentoring/ coaching and a copy of the book CIO Leading Change in the Digital Economy by Dr. Kapil Dev Singh.

Seats- 10

Faculty/ Facilitator- Dr. Kapil Dev Singh and Mr. Koushik Chatterjee.

About the Faclitators

Dr. Kapil Dev Singh is the Founder & CEO, Coeus Age Consulting

Dr. Singh has over two decades of rich experience, and has headed IDC in India for close to 8 years as the Country Manager. He has been tracking the ICT industry for 18 years now. He is currently spearheading path breaking research on digital enterprise and new technologies.

Dr. Singh is passionate about driving a new discourse among the contemporary business leaders on managing business in the digital age. He is also advising them on the change aspects related to embracing the paradigm of digital.

Dr. Singh is an Engineer, and an MBA. He is also a doctorate from Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, India. He regularly writes blogs and articles, which are read by business leaders across the globe. He has also authored four books -Looking Inward, CIO Leading Change, 21 Jewels of Digital and The Platform Edge. LEADDDING is Dr. Singh’s 5th book.

Mr. Koushik Chatterjee is the founder of iThink Learning.

Koushik is an entrepreneur, a certified professional coach and sales consultant. He is a business leader with extensive expertise in managing organisations, business units and start ups. He collaborates with his customers to create profitable value. He is a change driver, business developer, team builder and solutions architect.

He has over 25 years of leadership and management experience across domains of Education, Skill Development, Technology and Enterprise IT.

Since most of his assignments over the last decade has been in start-up mode, Koushik has gained a significant aptitude of thinking and building end-to-end businesses.

His current specialties include leadership & business coaching , sales consulting for SMEs, business outcome acceleration for start-ups, career guidance & project-based learning for students.

Koushik is working on a Mission 2025 to guide a million students to their suitable careers.

Please connect with us at or call Kartik at +91 9711416101 for registration.

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