WIN U – Unleashing the Writer in You!

Digital is disruptive and it is driving big changes in the market landscape. Business, government and technology leaders are gradually coming to terms with the imperatives of Digital. Our endeavor at Coeus Age Consulting is to bring actionable insights for them to steer through the Digital disruption.

The Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are standing at a crucial juncture, where they can play a much bigger role in their respective organizations. But they need to evolve and position themselves for the opportunity.

Our initiative CIO Leading Change has only one core objective – to see the Chief Information Officers gain a larger share of voice and evolve as future business leaders.

Many CIOs have very interesting stories to share and may want to express themselves through writing. These stories may be around innovative use of digital technology or deeper business transformation.

WIN U is aimed at those CIOs, who want to position themselves as the thought leaders within the organization and the industry. The service is for those who want to become an author of a book.

It makes immense sense as a book is the pinnacle of thought leadership and a very powerful medium to position oneself at a higher pedestal. It makes others take note of the contribution of and learn from the author. It documents an otherwise tactical knowledge to be referred to by many others.

Through WIN U, we bring on table a unique capability by weaving the related pieces of Domain Knowledge, Research, Conceptual Ability, Writing Skills, and Publishing Process.

If you have a story to tell, we can certainly help you narrate it through conceptualization and writing. We can also help you convert it into a professionally done book and create the right visibility around it.

If you think you have a writer in you wanting to come out, please write to us at kds@coeusage.com. We shall be happy to discuss and work with you.